is your passport towards one of the best lodging hotels in Boquerón.

We are located in the small bay side and picturesque town of Boquerón in western Puerto Rico. For decades this bay has been a favorite recreational hot spot with visitors from all over the world and residents of Puerto Rico.  The coast of this bay has never been industrialized making it the most clean and beautiful bay in all Puerto Rico. The bay is also one of the most popular beaches in the island. Boquerón Beach is considered by many as one of the finest in the the world and it is listed in BLUE FLAG world class beach directory. Its calm waters is ideal for family fun and many water sports.  From our hotel is just a very short walk to the waterfront heading south to the beach front. The weather is year around perfect and the Sun will always be there for your terrific suntan and for spectacular sunsets.

Parador Boquemar is also just steps away from the night life center in town, gift shops, street vendors with all sorts of local typical foods and places where you can make new friends while tasting tropical drinks.  You will be enchanted with the hospitality of this town that is solely dedicated for vacationing, relaxation, and protecting the environment while having a good time.

You will be able to enjoy your vacations, weekends or outings in a hospitable and welcoming setting. Good roads will take you in no time to other recreational areas and tourist locations in western and southwestern Puerto Rico; so you will always have something new to see and explore.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about local customs and the friendly people that live in Boquerón.  Come and discover the enchantments of Boquerón at Parador Boquemar.

Reservations: (787) 851-2158
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