Road 101, Poblado Boquerón, Cabo Rojo, PR


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Club Náutico de Boquerón

Just a few steps from Parador Boquemar. It's an excellent protected anchorage, offering good holding in 12-20 feet, and is well protected from all winds except SSW through NW.
Tel. (787) 851-1336



Cabo Rojo, which is known as the Capital of Internal Tourism in Puerto Rico, has many beautiful beaches for you to enjoy and other bodies of water such as lagoons and rivers. More than 150,000 people visit us every weekend. It is the birth place of national heroes Dr. Ramón Emeterio y Salvador Brau.

The origin of Cabo Rojo’s name has various theories, one of which is the reddish color that was observed by Christopher Columbus’ companions in the southwest area when traveling around the island, and the reddish color of the water due to its salt concentration. As a result of these special characteristics it was named "The Red Capes” of “Cabos Rojos". Another theory is that the red color of the rocky surface of the "Morillos" terrain where the lighthouse is located.